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$10 per month (3 months prepaid quarterly)

  • Installed and working within 48 hours
  • Includes search engine submissions
  • Includes fast, reliable website hosting
  • Includes one page and up to four images
  • Includes link advertisement on this website
  • Qualifies for discounted advertisement rates
  • Easily upgraded to a full-service website
  • One-time $50 design, creation and setup fee
  • Additional pages and images available

A web page flyer is simply a one page website advertising and promoting your business on the Internet. A one page website correctly designed and submitted to the search engines is as effective as any other website.

A Chester County Flyer is a web page flyer specific to a business operating in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Installation is easy! Simply send us your one page flyer images and information. Within 48 hours, we will transform your information or brochure into an attractive and effective web page designed to rank well with all of the major search engines.

  1. Pricing includes one web page approximately 8 1/2" x 14", up to 4 graphic images (links, photographs, logos, maps, etc.).
  2. A flyer page qualifies for discounted advertisment rates on the Chester County Sites website. Our website advertisement program includes only Chester County business websites.
  3. Note: A web page flyer can help more Chester County prospects find your Chester County business. It can be used as search engine bait and link to your main website (another "doorway") or work independently as a primary website.

We can register your domain name and point your domain to your flyer web page, but a domain name is not necessary for a flyer to work.

No where else will you find an Internet Presence or Service Provider who offers website services that include both website hosting and promotion and certainly not in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

You already have a website? A web page flyer is the simple and perfect solution to your search engine problems or expectations! A web page flyer can link to your website, another "doorway" to your website. A web page flyer gives you the advantage to emphasize high priority keywords that you might not otherwise be able to emphasize on your main website.

Your website isn't working? Contact us, Chester County Sites. It is our business to make websites work!



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$10 per month
3 months prepaid

30 day money back guarantee

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